Areas of Counseling Expertise

Addiction • Depression • Anxiety • Relationship Issues • Marriage Counseling • Divorce Counseling • Individual Counseling • Life Transitions • Sports Therapy • Integral Healing • Unlocking Creativity • Non‑Violent Communication • Organizational Therapy • Group Work • Grief • Personality Disorders • Co‑Parenting In Divorce • Adolescent Issues • Family Therapy

Other Services

Business Consulting • Art Therapy • Meditation • Reiki
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Mental wellness is a choice.
Having positive, safe support along the way is smart.

Often when we feel tightness or illness in our bodies, we search out a professional to help alleviate our discomfort and pain. When we want to strengthen our bodies or get in better shape, we may call on a personal trainer or health specialist to help set our direction.

Wellness Therapy is similar. When our 'psyche' or 'mind' experiences discomfort and pain we can go to a therapist to help better understand our symptoms, learn to manage our behaviors, and heal the spirit. Also, when we want to become mentally stronger, have healthier relationships with self, others, and the world, or become more actualized and more spiritually fulfilled, we can call upon a therapist for a direct one on one interaction to help clarify our vision and open our heart to a myriad of possibilities and experiences.

Picture a horn of plenty,
Filled with an abundance of colorful fruit, gems and gold,
Ready to share its blessings with all those
Who stand forth and make the journey.
How do you feel about such abundance?
How might you stand forth in the world?
Might that horn of plenty already exist within you?