Mindfulness Mental Health Therapy as an approach to Counseling

Jennie Keane's counseling practice is based in both the Classic Therapeutic Model (CTM) and the Mindfulness Therapeutic Model (MTM). She believes they are equally valued in the mental health field, each with specific beneficial outcomes.

The Classic Therapeutic Model (CTM) defines mental health from a traditional Western viewpoint. The theory is based on viewing a person from their place of pain and illness. This model in counseling is most often described as a counselor/client role based on talk therapy, developing trust/rapport, experiencing unconditional positive regard, education, changing behavior, and offering advice.

The Mindfulness Therapeutic Model (MTM) views mental health from a wellness perspective. A person is viewed as a whole person, healthy and vibrant. Illness, pain, and suffering are signs that we have gotten off track from our personal path towards Mindful living and we just have to go 'within' to remember. Non-traditional Counseling techniques include Meditation, Energy work, and many teachings and techniques that emphasize living a life with more meaning, an open heart, and transcending the ordinary. Because this model is experiential and in real time, the process cannot be too structured, nor the depth that one can go be too defined.

Using only one of the above models can be limiting to mental health treatment. For example, the traditional Classic model of counseling can by itself become stale and forced, while Mindfulness therapy alone is not inherently structured with proven effective treatments for serious mental health issues.

My practice includes both CTM and MTM. Clients will have the unique opportunity to experience self-motivated healing and transformation in real time, while also receiving the benefits of structure and evidence-based therapeutic techniques found within the Classic model.

Positives for Classic Model Positives for Mindfulness Model
• Structured and Organized, long history
• Evidence-based therapeutic techniques
• Allows for basic standards for care
• Educational
• Spontaneous and Experiential
• Evidence and Faith-based therapeutic techniques
• Healing beyond the basic standards for care
• Spiritual

With Mindfulness-based counseling everyone benefits. This model is changing the world of therapy because it does not limit or define the population it serves. It allows the therapist to meet you where you are. Whether you are facing severe depression, moving through a hard transition, and/or wanting to go deeper spiritually, or all of the above! Jennie Keane will use the best therapeutic methods, traditional or untraditional, to maximize a positive difference wherever you are in your life.